by Jul 1, 2019Videos

Hydrapulse 1.5kW Smart Pump Digital Pressure Relief Video

Hydrapulse 1.5kW Smart Pump digital pressure relief set at 500 psi with an rpm max setting at 4,000 rpm. The motor will hold 4,000 rpm until the load is increased and a max pressure setting is hit. At that point, the motor rpm will adjust to stay below the max pressure setting.

Custom Solutions

We have engineered the Hydrapulse to fulfill as many applications as possible as a non-custom solution. However, we understand that every project is unique and may call for something a little different. E-mail or call us to discuss your project and how we may be able to design a custom solution for you.

OEM Solutions

Hydrapulse, Inc. works with OEM’s to create semi-custom solutions tailored to meet your needs. Whether it is a custom displacement pump, communication interface, or firmware configuration, the Hydrapulse team can offer a semi-custom solution to fit your specs. Contact us to discuss your OEM opportunity.

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